Dream Anything and Achieve Everything!

The Art of Goal Creation Tool Kit

This toolkit gives you a step-by-step system to transform your dreams into reality.

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Are You Ready To Shift Your Dreams To Reality?

I have learned the hard way; I was just responding to every situation thrown my way because I didn't have clear goals for myself or my business.

Friends and family, social media, and even my current finances seemed to have more control over my life and destiny than I did.

Eventually I became tired of watching someone else play the lead role in my movie called life. That's when it all changed; I decided to move into the driver's seat, put my hands on the steering wheel and determine my direction and destination in life!

Who are you without a goal?
Perhaps you are an actor, playing a role you don't quite understand.
Who are you with a goal?
You have become the director of your movie.

Are You Ready to Level Up?

If you are anything like my clients and I, you will take a driver's seat, which is the first step.

This Took Kit will help you to:

o Start to fantasize and dream

o Clarify and write down your wants

o Have fun in the process

o Know there are no limitations in this abundant world

o Get excited

o Mentally be and live your dreams

Download the Art of Goal Creation Tool Kit Relax, and Have fun creating your movie.

What Will You Get:

Now, imagine how your life will look like?

Imagine…what would you be doing in the morning?

Where will you be having your morning coffee?

Somewhere by the sea, on the balcony with the beautiful view?

How would you be spending your days?

How different your life and the life of your family will be?

Imagine you have everything that you always wanted in life … I can see you smiling!

How does that feel?

Are you ready to smile more, live, earn, sell more and scale!

Client Love

"Mili coached me to think in terms of worthy goals rather than SMART goals which means that I was put in a position to look at my goals as WANTS rather than NEEDS. She also equipped me with applicable tools to progress day after day after day. I am eternally grateful to have made the decision to work with Mili. I implore you to do the same if you want to create the life you desire"
Brett Knopf
"I enjoyed doing the art of goal creation especially very early in the morning as it keeps me very enthusiastic, positive, and going for my goals and knowing I can achieve all of my heart's desires."
Ivonne J. Arjona

Experienced mindset coach and emotional intelligence leader, I have ridiculous passion for awakening people into their greatness. My mission in life is to help you live your life by design and not by default! Having a rough life but a bulletproof mindset, awareness of existence in this world, focus on solutions, constant changes, and uncertainty embracer, I was able to thrive personally and professionally.

After so many years of traveling, working and serving people, after various coaching trainings and energy cleanings, understanding and applying Universal laws, I help people thrive in any circumstances. I help them find their blind spots, that inner happiness that lies untouched inside of them. I help them eliminate fears, doubts and worries. I help them permanently overcome limiting beliefs, eliminate procrastination and enhance their self-confidence

Mili Ristic

Are you ready to put your hands on the steering wheel?

Does your intuition is screaming within?

Enter your details below to download our FREE Tool Kit.

I already see you living the life you deserve, and I am excited for you! It is time to clear that fog and vague ideas from your head now!