Mili Ristic

Mindset Coach

Hello, lovely people, I am Mili Ristic. There is a reason why you are here. Nothing is a coincidence in this Universe! We are all on this planet for a short period of time, let’s make it fabulous! That is why I am here.

When the Student Is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear

From the city and college I wanted to study, the way I wanted to learn English, my big move and settling in America on my own, to various jobs I was wishing for, fundraising fashion show that I organized for the Church in 2017 (Church was under fire in 2016) and actually achieving everything I was imagining – it was like a miracle for people in my environment and my friends.

My friends say that I give them light and energy. I always wanted to discover why I am different from all of them. Some of my friends call me a dreamer, crazy, and not realistic but I am still achieving my goals.

Working passionately in Commercial Real Estate Industry, in Interior design company for almost four years and not moving forward, being in the same position and with the same salary, I was not happy for a while.

Suddenly the inner voice (which we all have, but we sometimes or many times are not listening), that little voice woke me up whispering that there is something greater and bigger for me to do in life than making only one person happy.

Nothing is coincidence in this universe!

I didn’t know what that was at the moment, but I kept dreaming and came across Bob Proctor’s program and seminar the “Art of Goal Creation”. As it was a live stream I was literally glued to my laptop for three days. By the time the seminar was over, I connected the dots and realized why I am living my life differently than everybody else in my environment and why I was successful in everything I did.

At the very same moment of my realization, wanting to learn more, I reached out to Proctor Gallagher Institute and signed up for Thinking into Results Program which was the next level of life-changing for me.


When Bob Proctor became my mentor, my life accelerated to another level, with the awareness of myself and understanding of Universal laws, the only thing I want to do is to share this information with other people!

Why MilOr?

Not bragging here, but my friends and acquittances always have told me that I am bringing them LIGHT, positive energy and they always felt lifted up after a conversation with me, sometimes they would call me just to lift up their energy by talking to me (true story). When I was establishing my business I decided that the name of the company should be symbolic and aligned with my personality.

Mil (shorten from Milica) + Or (LIGHT in Hebrew)

What are you struggling with?

I’ve been there, I understand what are you going through – let me hear your story!


Unclear goals/business goals and vision


Limiting Beliefs

Habits that are holding you back


Fear of Criticism

No existence of faith


Fear of unknown

I realized that the best way to understand other people and achieve that life balance is by knowing YOURSELF – as we are all the same.

We are the same energy. Learn who you really are. What are you capable of achieving. Become a creator of your own movie – be a STAR. Stop sleepwalking and take control of your life!

YOU are perfect! Raise your awareness to the level that serves you!

If not NOW, then when? Life is too short to be unhappy, for doing the job that you hate, for constant complaints!

By learning and personally growing YOU magnetize that positive energy and happiness to everyone around you, your family, loved ones, friends, colleagues, neighbors, etc.

Be the LIGHT as you are, start to SHINE for yourself and your loved ones!

Let me help you to Turn Your Magic On!